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The Baldeneysee in Essen

Discover Essen

The perfect setting for your accompanying programme and the night

After your event, would you like to eat well, experience cultural highlights or enjoy nature? And then fall into the made-up bed without any long distances? Then too, you will be in exactly the right place at the Convention Center Essen. Because we offer a location networked beyond the site.

The most beautiful attractions in Essen:

  • Nightlife the "Rü" party mile with many restaurants, bistros and bars
  • Industrial culture on the UNESCO World Heritage Site called Zeche Zollverein: "the most beautiful mine in the world" and symbol of the industrialisation of Germany: Villa Hügel built by Alfred Krupp
  • Museum Folkwang exhibitions of international repute in excellent architecture
  • Baldeneysee popular water sports and recreation area
Pulsating life in Essen's pub quarter

Party mile with old town flair in Rüttenscheid

The cherry blossom which enchants Rüttenscheider Strasse (abbreviated as Rü) every year is a trademark of the Rüttenscheid district of Essen and can hardly be found in this density anywhere else in Essen. The red cherry blossom, to the north of Martinstrasse, is followed around three weeks later by the white cherry blossom to the south of it. The about 180 Japanese cherry trees envelop the Rü in a spectacular colour experience which is worth seeing and attracts many spring lovers and photographers from afar. After the winter, Rüttenscheider Strasse thus wakes up with the opening of the street cafes and beer gardens and becomes a bustling shopping mile and promenade beyond the boundaries of the district.

Nightlife at Rüttenscheid
Impressive industrial culture

Zeche Zollverein

The industrial heritage has characterised the city of Essen until today. Where coal and steel used to be produced is where art, culture and creativity have found a home today.

The unique UNESCO World Heritage Site called Zeche Zollverein, also known as "the most beautiful mine in the world", is still fascinating today. From exciting guided tours to concerts and exhibitions, this piece of industrial history attracts visitors with a wide range of cultural offerings to arouse their enthusiasm.

Places of interest and culture in Essen
Villa and park

Villa Hügel

In an impressive way, the magnificent symbol of industrialisation, Villa Hügel built by Alfred Krupp, shows how significant the city of Essen was in the era of industrialisation.

What used to represent the wealth of the Krupp family today accommodates chamber concerts and top-class international art exhibitions. Enjoy this nearby excursion destination in order to experience art, culture and history.

The Villa Hügel in Essen
Modern art meets cultural history

Museum Folkwang

In Essen, one of the most renowned art museums in Germany invites visitors to undertake a trip through the most diverse artistic genres and extensive collections.

The exhibition focuses on German and French painting in the 19th century and presents classical modernism, painting after 1945 and photography as well as art and craft objects.

Museum Folkwang in Essen
Water sports and recreation area


Hiking, relaxation, lake cruises and water sports - as a local recreation area by the water, Baldeneysee offers a lot of possibilities for your supporting programme. Located close to the Convention Center Essen but far away from meetings and fairs, the largest of the six Ruhr reservoirs invites visitors to relax and linger.

Destination for a day trip Baldeneysee

You can find more information about sights, shopping, wellness, events etc. on the website of Essen Marketing GmbH.

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A selection of your hosts in Essen

Also after your visit to the Convention Center Essen, you and your guests will be warmly welcomed to Essen and optimally looked after. The city of Essen offers accommodation possibilities in various categories and price classes, from the budget-priced guest house to the five-star hotel. And all of them master being hosts to perfection, with 1.6 million overnight stays in the fair city of Essen every year. As a service for our guests, we have compiled a selection of accommodation possibilities.

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